If you are planning a night of family fun, it should include improv games for families. Whether you take the family out on the town for a fun night at one of the CSz Boston’s show venues or you stay in and create your own fun, improv games are great for family bonding.     […]

Are you out there searching for Mystery Cafe Boston reviews? Have you come across some that are glowing and some that aren’t so flattering? It takes all kinds. It is what it is! Mystery Cafe isn’t the opera! We aren’t a broadway show. We’re a comedy show for adults. The humor is often tongue and […]

We’ve found some free murder mystery party scripts that are fun for a New Year’s Eve party.  If you’ve been searching for free murder mystery party scripts, you know the internet is difficult to navigate. We’ve rounded up free party plans,  mystery scripts, and a few fun scripts and murder mystery party kits with a fee. […]

Did December sneak up on yous? Did your office holiday party plans fall through? Don’t worry… mums the word. We won’t tell the fellas. We’ve got your back! Book your group party of 15 or more at our Dec. 11 Mobfellas show.  Tickets are only $40 per person! What a deal. This special showing was […]

Are you looking for fun things to do as a student in Boston? Has stretching your dollar become a pastime for you? Have you rationalized pizza as healthy-well, it sort of looks like the food pyramid. How long have you substituted reruns and cyberspace for a night out? C’mon you can only rearrange your milk […]

Surviving the office holiday party is a daunting task. These tips, hints, and experiences will help you make the best of the most awkward holiday party situations. No one wants to be “that guy” or take the “walk of shame” the first day back to work after the big event. You need tips on how […]

5 Fun Family Friendly Activities in the Boston Area   Planning for visits from family this holidays season? You may want to enjoy dinner and a show or see Boston with kids. We’ve found 5 unique, family friendly activities and holiday things to do in the Boston area  to help you have a blast with your friends and […]

For this week’s #FridayFeature let us introduce you to K. Bevin Ayers, who’s is starring in both Murder Most Medieval and Ding Dong the Witch is Dead this fall. Bevin is no stranger to murder mystery improvisational comedy having performed with The Committee for Creative Enactments (The CCE) while at Boston College where she received […]

Have you ever wondered what it is like behind the scenes at  mystery diners?  We’re not exactly a diner, but we have dinner and mystery…  Before the show, some people are working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and others are shaking off their nerves to prepare themselves for a great performance.  Wondering if […]

For years now the Mystery Cafe has been like my baby – I love it, I care about its well-being, I want to see it grow and succeed, I make sure it has everything it needs to survive and thrive, and I dedicate an absurd amount of time to it. Well, now that I am having […]