Virtual Escape Rooms

You're locked in a virtual room and battling the clock to break free. Leverage the clues to solve the puzzle and win the game! Does your team have what it takes?
Escape the Blizzard
Virtual Event

Escape the Blizzard in this app & web-based team building experience! Does your team have what it takes to escape?

Virtual Haunted House
Virtual Event

A virtual team-building escape room full of excitement and engaging challenges mainly meant to enhance teamwork.

Sherlock: Online Detective Game
Virtual Event

Can you catch the killer? Put your Detective skills to the test and experience the world of crime scene investigation with this murder mystery tale.

The Infinite Loop
Virtual Event

A serious accident occurred in a laboratory in which new technologies for virtual reality are being developed and tested: a young man was dragged into another universe while testing new virtual reality glasses and is now trapped there. All the technology and security experts in the top-secret laboratory have taken on the matter ... All of them have failed. Now you as SRU - the Special Rescue Unit - have to free the boy from the depths of virtual reality! Are you ready to dive in?

Escape The Virtual Mob
Virtual Event

Escape the Virtual Mob is a 1920’s themed online escape room experience designed to motivate, engage, and above all entertain. Teams must compete against the clock to complete a variety of escape room style challenges in this captivating online environment.

Rogue Agent Online
Virtual Event

Rogue Agent is an innovative and original way of getting people to work together to overcome challenges and solve problems. Participants don't have long to locate the whereabouts of the Rogue Agent before their time runs out. Your only chance of beating the clock is to put your heads together and act as a team.

So Much Fun It's Almost Against The Law. Almost.