In this inside story, Company Director Shannon Lane Dupont reflects on the journey she took to bring Murder Most Medieval to the Mystery Cafe stage. The revival opens on Saturday 1/28 at the Elephant and Castle.

Are you missing the Medieval Manor? Pining for King Richard’s Fair? Do you absolutely need your Game of Thrones fix? Well, look no further! Mystery Café is excited to announce the return of one of our most beloved shows! This spring, we hope you will join us for an exciting revival of Murder Most Medieval. Premiering […]

Get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping! Gift cards are now on sale for Mystery Café! Why not give the gift of entertainment this holiday season? Gift cards are now available for all up-coming Mystery Café shows! Dinner theater gift cards are an excellent gift for those tricky folks who already have everything. Give them […]

It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays! We’re excited to be offering two holiday shows this year: one at our base of operations in downtown Boston, and one at the MIT Endicott House in Dedham. At the Elephant & Castle in downtown, we’re bringing you Killer Claus! Join the Claus family for their holiday […]

Are you in the mood for something spooky? Then have we got some shows for you! Starting in September, we’re excited to present two different Halloween shows. In addition to the normal mystery elements of our dinner theater shows, these new programs will offer some holiday-appropriate spooks of your choice: ghosts in Salem, or zombies […]

Mystery Café is looking for actors! We’re looking to expand our acting family for the upcoming fall and winter shows. We don’t have specific characters or rolls to fill, so this call is open to everyone! We’d love to get a diverse collection of actors who are dedicated ensemble performances and interested in dinner theater. Our core team of […]

What makes Murder at the Mansion different than the other Mystery Café shows? Well, the biggest answer to that is location. We keep most of the rest of our shows pretty local to the city in the summer, either at the Elephant & Castle downtown, or at Riccardo’s in the North End, or our newest […]

Meet Reese Witherfork*, an actress who moved to Boston to try to make it big. Meet Reese yourself this summer in Sleuth: Case of the Dead Paparazzi. Interviewer: What brought you to Boston? Reece Witherfork: LA was too sunny for my fair complexion and New York is full of mean people. So I thought, let’s give Boston a try! […]

Meet Benny Kravitz*, local musician pursuing his passion here in Boston. Meet Benny yourself this summer in Sleuth: Case of the Dead Paparazzi.   Interviewer: Are you from around here? Benny Kravitz: No, I’m from out West.  California.  I came out here for love.  What I thought was love anyway… Interviewer: You’re a musician, right? What do […]

Meet Dick Weiner*, a paparazzi just trying to make a (mostly honest) living here in Boston. Meet Dick yourself in Sleuth: Case of the Dead Paparazzi.   Interviewer: Are you from Boston originally? Dick Wiener: Actually I’m not. Dick Weiner was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where I went to photography school at University of […]