Murder Mysteries

Mystery Café is America's original murder mystery dinner theater performing in the Boston area and nationwide for over 35 years. Although we are not currently performing public murder mysteries, we offer our private customized murder mysteries as corporate entertainment and team building events for groups just like yours.
Featured Event: I Love You To Death
In-Person Event

It’s a wild night at the speakeasy and the password is “mystery.” Try to pin the suspect with the crime to find out who did the deed in I Love You to Death.

Finnegan’s Wake
In-Person Event

This uproarious interactive dinner and comedy show is sure to lift your spirits – and rest assured, there’ll be plenty of spirits to go around. Join our seasoned actor/comedians for an evening of Celtic wit and merriment.

Sleuth: The Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt
In-Person Event

This fast, fun, and felonious scavenger hunt is a live action version of the classic board game Cluedo. Teams must search the crime scene, dissect the suspect statements, and sift through the clues as they work to solve the mystery.

Last Days Of Radio – Mystery at KDED
In-Person Event

In the last days of radio, silence is murder. Even with a killer on the loose, the show must go on.

Mystery At Grand Malarkey
In-Person Event

Surviving the night takes a little improvisation. If you like ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ you’ll love the interactive mystery comedy of Mystery at Grand Malarkey.

Mystery At Upton House
In-Person Event

When the Upstairs mixes with the Downstairs there’s sure to be a body count. Was it Rowley the Butler, Mrs. Cassidy the Maid, Edgar the disowned son, Maggie the mysterious woman, or Chief Superintendent Kitchen?

Trouble In Deadwood
In-Person Event

There’s a mystery in them thar hills. Solve the crime to find out who caused the Trouble in Deadwood.

Who Killed Jolly Roger?
In-Person Event

Hoist the sails me hearties, there’s mystery on the high seas. There are four suspects over a dead man’s chest, can you uncover who killed Jolly Roger?

In the Company of Killers
In-Person Event

Our most popular corporate mystery, In the Company of Killers combines a strolling musician, comedy, suspense and audience participation into one exciting event that is customized just for your company.

So Much Fun It's Almost Against The Law. Almost.