Virtual Murder Mystery

Uh oh, there's been a murder and you're team has been called in to solve it, virtually! Can you put together the clues, turn a blind eye to the distractions and solve it? Explore our virtual murder mystery events.
In The Company of Killers
Virtual Event

The online murder mystery for and about your team with a fast and funny detective, who with your help will interrogate a cast of unusual characters, from the wacky to the dastardly.

Across A Crowded Zoom
Virtual Event

Join Detective Roland Hardway as he goes from room to room and suspect to suspect to gather clues and solve this hilarious comedy caper. But be careful, because someone in your group could be a killer!

Virtual Clue, Live
Virtual Event

Get in the game with our interactive murder mystery, based on Clue the musical. Can you resolve the mystery?

Mobfellas Online
Virtual Event

Let Mystery Café usher you into the secret world of the mafia elite. Rub virtual elbows with wise guys, killers, and Femme Fatales as you take part in the secret celebration in which a mob underling will become a “made” man.

Finnegan’s Virtual Irish Wake
Virtual Event

A night of drinking, dancing & drunken debauchery -- all online! Raise a glass! Old Finnegan has passed and you’re invited to join in his celebration of life -- the Irish way.

So Much Fun It's Almost Against The Law. Almost.