Sleuth: The Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

This fast, fun, and felonious scavenger hunt is a live action version of the classic board game Cluedo. Teams must search the crime scene, dissect the suspect statements, and sift through the clues as they work to solve the mystery.

Event Overview

The wildly popular mystery board game takes on a whole new dimension in this hilarious team building scavenger hunt. The game’s perpetual victim, Mr. Boddy, has been murdered. You have a pretty good idea when it happened – after all, the body’s still warm. But by whom? Where? And how? In their roles as top detectives, your group has to piece together the rest of the puzzle.

Teams will move strategically as they search for all-important clues. Mystery and surprises lie around every corner, and each of the suspects has a dirty secret they’d rather you not learn about. It’s your job to sleuth out the truth.

As you’d imagine, team members must work together to get to the bottom of this murder mystery. They may also choose to cooperate with competing teams in order to identify the murder weapon and location. The first team to crack the case wins, basking in the glory that comes with solving a crime.

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Event Details

Group Size
Time Needed
2 - 2.5 Hours
Space requirement

Can be done indoors or outdoors, but must have at least 6 locations available for us to hide clues and information. An HDMI compatible screen is also required.

Ideal for
  • Encouraging play within your team
  • Using problem solving and deductive reasoning skills
  • Dissecting and disseminating information
  • Working together towards a common goal
  • New employee orientation

Chosen By:

My team had an amazing time! The actors were awesome and each TeamBonding associate was helpful and responsive. Very organized, great value – great customer service and options for team building events. Our event went off with no hitches – everyone had a good time. We will absolutely be repeat customers.

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