Finnegan’s Wake

This uproarious interactive dinner and comedy show is sure to lift your spirits – and rest assured, there’ll be plenty of spirits to go around. Join our seasoned actor/comedians for an evening of Celtic wit and merriment.

Event Overview

Simply put, Finnegan’s Wake is a really great time. This highly successful show has wowed audiences in Greater Boston and New Jersey for over 17 years. At Atlantic City’s Showboat Casino alone, over 25,000 mourners came to pay their respects to the dearly departed over a two-year run.

We offer this as a complete event package, leaving you and your guests free to fully enjoy the experience. And that experience includes tender ballads, rowdy reels, raucous comedy and a collection of outrageous characters. There’s also plenty of fun audience participation – prepare your own eulogies beforehand, as you and your guests may be called on to honor the dearly departed with a joke, song or dance.

This timeless original production continues to be a strong audience favorite, year after year. It provides a wonderful opportunity to entertain and to be entertained. You’ll laugh till you cry at Finnegan’s Wake. But that’s as it should be – after all, this is a celebration of life, not death.

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Event Details

Group Size
Time Needed
1.5 - 2 hours
Space requirement

You’ll want a dining area large enough to comfortably seat all of your guests. We’ll also need a performance area of at least 12’ x 12’ for the live cast and one not-so-live body.

Ideal for
  • Holiday parties
  • Corporate entertainint
  • Employee celebrations
  • Fundraisers

Our collection of zany characters typically includes a cast of five, plus an authentic three-piece Irish band. Cast size can be adjusted based on the size of your group.

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