Top 10 Virtual Murder Mystery Games

Do you spend hours binging detective series and murder mysteries thinking you could do it better? Now is your chance to solve a case and become a real-life Sherlock Holmes. Virtual Murder Mystery games are the perfect way to bring together friends and coworkers for a thrilling night of mystery and fun without leaving your house. These events promote collaboration and teamwork making them perfect for a team-building activity!  
Here is our list of the top 10 virtual murder mystery games 


1. In the Company of Killers

In the Company of Killers combines music, comedy, and mystery for one exciting event. The murder mystery is completely customizable and the plot and characters are created based on you and your attendees. Arrive for a virtual cocktail hour where you’ll enjoy some live music, meet new people, and murder will occur! With the help of a comic detective, everyone has to work together to solve the mystery. The winning team will win the Super Sleuth prize!

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2. MobFellas 

 MobFellas Online is a murder mystery game that transports you into the secret world of the Mafia Elite. Rub elbows with wise guys, killers, and femme Fatales in this unique themed murder mystery. Mob boss Carmine Pelagatti is set to bestow a great honor to one of his top men, but in a world where murder comes with a smile, the night is bound to be marred by betrayal, double-dealing, and death. You’ll need to keep your wits about you to keep up and make it out with your honor and life intact. Figure out who whacked who and maybe you’ll have it “made.” 

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3. Across a Crowded Zoom

This brand-new murder mystery is presented via Zoom so you and your guests can enjoy it from wherever they are. Across a Crowded Zoom presents the murder of Alexander Van de Anderson. Someone from his own family has committed the murder and it is up to you to solve it! This virtual event is perfect for work, a family party, or a fun night with friends!  

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4. Office Party Mystery Dinner 

Office Mystery Dinner is the new way to spice up your next office party! The setting for this mystery game is an office party where the regional manager, Michael Scott is shot and killed. One of you is the killer and you all must work together to figure out who is guilty. Office Party Mystery dinner is completely customizable and all materials, from name tags to character descriptions, are printed and shipped to ensure a successful murder mystery party. 

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5. Survival Mystery Dinner Party

In Survival Mystery Dinner Party all players find themselves on the island Mullamulla in the South Pacific for the filming of a television series. One night during a tropical storm and murder is committed and the unpopular producer of the show is found dead. Players must put their heads together to find out who amongst them is a killerSurvival Mystery Dinner Party is completely customizable and all materials, from name tags to character descriptions, are printed and shipped to ensure a successful murder mystery party. 

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6. Virtual CSI – La Hacienda, Odyssey, Home Office

Virtual CSI uses a web-based Virtual 3D Touring Platform to explore crime scenes, and uncover cluesThe game app presents teams with riddles and challenges and teams must use deductive reasoning and investigating techniques to eliminate suspects and solve the crime. Virtual CSI has multiple games including La Hacienda, Odyssey, and Home Office

Try Them All: Virtual CSI

Solve a Mystery with Murder Mystery Maniacs

Pick a scenario, chose the characters and Mystery Maniacs does the rest. With over 30 scenarios to chose from Murder Mystery Maniacs will ensure your event is a success! Take a look at some of their scenarios below. 

7. Murder in Malibu 

This celebrity Virtual Murder Mystery takes place at a posh mansion in Hollywood. Smart, beautiful celebrities are invited to dinner where a murder is committed. The host of the evening is found dead in the wine cellar and one of the guests is the killer. Try to find which of the guests has both a motive and a weapon.

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Speakeasy Scandal 

Transport back in time to the Roaring Twenties with this fun virtual murder mystery. Speakeasy Scandal takes place at a Speakeasy bar in the midst of Prohibition. While everyone is dancing the night away, shots are heard in the cellar. Work together to discover who killed the city’s most notorious and ruthless gangster. 

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Free Virtual Murder Mysteries

If you want to get a taste before deciding to invest time and money then check out some of these free online murder mystery games.

. Sour Grapes of Wrath 

Sour Grapes of Wrath is a murder mystery that takes place at a winery. The visitors and the distraught widow must sort who among them is the cold-blooded killer. This murder mystery is free to download and contains over 50 pages of clues, descriptions, scripts, and tips. Furthermore, guests can access the virtual guide from anywhere. 

Learn More: Sour Grapes of Wrath. 

0. The Business of Murder 

The Business of Murder is another free online murder mystery that is based on Clue. The game is only made for seven players and works best for a small group that enjoys acting. All of the materials are available to download online including the character profiles, and directions. 

Learn More: The Business of Murder. 



Frequently asked questions related to Virtual Murder Mystery games.

What is a Virtual Murder Mystery?

A virtual murder mystery is a role-playing detective game that is hosted on online platforms such as Zoom or Skype. These games have many different scenarios and can vary from provider to provider. Some offer downloadable scripts whereas others offer fully hosted events with professional actors. 


How do you play Virtual Murder Mystery games?

The first step to playing a virtual murder mystery game is deciding whether you would like to host or hire a team building professionals to facilitate the entire event. 

If you hire a company then they take care of most of the details and you just have to follow the instructions! If you decide to host on your own then ensure to download and prepare all materials and understand the storyline and plot of the game. 


Do you have to dress up?

You don’t have to dress up as your character, however, some degree of props or accessories does make the game more fun! Most of the virtual murder mystery games include character descriptions and costume ideas to liven up the evening and help everyone get into character.  


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