Across A Crowded Zoom

Join Detective Roland Hardway as he goes from room to room and suspect to suspect to gather clues and solve this hilarious comedy caper. But be careful, because someone in your group could be a killer!

Event Overview

Alexander Van der Anderson has been murdered – and by a member of his own family! His last will and testament state that whoever solves his murder will inherit everything.

This brand new show is presented via the Zoom platform, so you and your guests can enjoy it from wherever they are. And never fear, we will help you and your guests get set up to enjoy this one-of-a-kind interactive online event.

Perfect for a work event, a family party, or a unique night in with friends… and if you don’t stand up, no one will know you’re wearing sweatpants.

“Across a Crowded Zoom” is fun for “virtually” everyone!

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Event Details

Group Size
10 - 100
Time Needed
1.5 hours

You pick the time and we commit the crime!

Arrive online for a virtual cocktail hour where you’ll meet Detective Roland Hardway. Join him to try to uncover the mystery and find out which member of Alexander’s family is a killer! Motives will pop up, suspects will be questioned and clues will be discovered. Who committed this terrible crime?  You’ll get a chance to solve the crime and win the inheritance with the help of our comic detective guiding you along the way!

Here’s what people have been saying about our online show, “Across a Crowded Zoom!”
“When logging off I truly felt like I had been at a party. I am getting great feedback from the attendees, they thought the mystery was very entertaining!”
“That was so much fun! Seriously, the best thing in the last 11 months.”
“I had so much fun at your show!! I’m amazed at how well it translates to zoom!”

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