Virtual Haunted House

A virtual team-building escape room full of excitement and engaging challenges mainly meant to enhance teamwork.

Event Overview

Night is falling. The path at your feet wanders into a dark wood. In the distance is the glow of a house. You and your team step inside, The door slams shut! Can your team work together to decipher the codes and ultimately Escape the Haunted House!

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Event Details

Group Size
4 +
Time Needed
1.5 - 2 Hours


1 00:00-00:10 Online Introduction

The event director shares screens for visual presentation (including intro video) on the rules and objectives of the game and provides teams with their QR download code and password.

2 00:10-00:15 The Haunted House intro

Team members will be assigned to their different breakout rooms and introduce themselves to the rest of the team. They will need to choose one Ghost Whisperer per team and take selfies to send via the app. Catalyst team will visit each team to ensure that each team is settled and ready to start their adventure.

3 00:15- 00:25 The Hallway

All teams will start their navigation through the hallway first. This usually takes about 10 minutes including the photo challenge task.

4 00:25-01:25 Exploring the Haunted house

Each room presents the teams with different challenges. Coordination and communication within the team will be crucial.

5 01:25-01:35 Final stages

Most teams will be in the final room (The Attic) within 70 minutes of starting the game. After the final code is solved in the attic, they will then have to work out the final equation to get out of the house.

6 01:35-01.45 Debrief & Prize Giving

All teams gather again in the main meeting room for the debrief. Participants are shown a presentation of the best photos taken during the event and the winning team is announced.

Optional: Our facilitator can run a short debrief based on observations from the activity with contributions from those taking part or a list of prepared questions can be sent to players to reflect on in their own time.

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