The Best Dueling Piano Show

There is nothing like the high-energy music that dueling pianos bring to a corporate party. It is perfect for employee celebrations, company holiday parties, and just about any party you can think of.

Event Overview

The Best Dueling Piano Show provides many ways to bring your employees together in a captivating, fun way. They specialize in team building activities that are engaging and unique. There’s nothing like an interactive, musical show to boost morale and bring your employees together. Due to the interactive nature of their show, every corporate performance they do has team-building aspects. Examples include sing-along battles between departments, bits where they bring people on stage (live shows), song dedications to certain employees/divisions, etc.

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Event Details

Group Size
25 +
Time Needed
1.5 Hours

Make your ‘night in’ with the team unforgettable! 

We thought long and hard about offering a Dueling Piano show in the virtual world as we are a team building company after all.  Back in March, it was the first virtual entertainment we saw on Facebook and it was fun, we sang along from home, tuned in with some friends, and had a really fun time.  Now, months later, as we approach the holiday season we remembered that moment as well as the many times we went out to a live piano bar with our friends, our team in piano bars in Boston, Providence, New York, New Orleans, San Antonio, Las Vegas,  Cleveland, St. Augustine, and more. Once we found these duelers –  The Banging ’88’s, we knew we had no choice as we had to offer them for your event because they are, the best we’ve ever seen! 

What is a dueling piano show?  Nearly thirty years ago the dueling piano concept has taken the country by storm Although the term “dueling” seems to conjure up images of a battle between players, they actually perform together as a cohesive unit and that’s where the ‘team’ comes in.  Seated at opposing baby grand pianos, they sing and play a wide variety of hits from the 1950s through today. A dueling piano show is not a concert.  They take popular songs, often requested by the audience, and encourage singing and participation; their show is filled with interaction, impeccable comedic timing, and “unscripted” freedom, which leads to an unforgettable event! 

How will the Audience be involved? An evening with the performers is designed around group participation.  From clapping and singing to actually directing elements of the show, the audience is immediately engaged and involved in impromptu interaction. They utilize their vast musical repertoire (consisting of literally thousands of songs) and quick-witted humor to create unexpected moments (both musical and otherwise), which leave an audience entertained and amazed While audience interaction is one of the critical elements of the show the entertainers are never pushy, raunchy, or “over the top”.  Many years of performing experience ensure that audience involvement occurs in a careful, respectful manner. 

This show is broadcast live from a professional music studio with lights and great sound. Dueling Pianos have made a huge comeback in the past few years as one of the best forms of LIVE (and virtual) Entertainment for a corporate event, incentive program, team building activity, or at a holiday party.

You’ll be singing, clapping, dancing, and laughing along from the first note!

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