CSI La Hacienda

Teams sharpen their deductive reasoning and collaborative decision-making in this immersive 3D whodunnit!

Event Overview

Teams attempt to solve the mystery of the death of Enrique Gonzalez at his Hacienda. Using a web-based 3D Virtual Touring Platform teams explore the Hacienda looking for clues. The game app presents teams with riddles and challenges. Teams input their answers into the game app. Their solutions unlock hints that will help them solve the mystery. As they move through each room of the 3D Hacienda, they find items that will also help them in their quest. As their journey unfolds teams use deductive reasoning and team consensus to eliminate suspects.

The team who accurately answer the riddles and challenges the fastest will discover the truth and be ultimately crowned the winner.

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Event Details

Group Size
5 - 500
Time Needed
1.5 - 2 hours


00:00-00:05 Online Introduction

The event director shares screens for a brief visual presentation on the rules and objectives of the game and provides teams with their QR download codes to enter the contest.

00:05-00:15 The Hacienda

One team member has access to the 3D Virtual Touring Platform, their screen is shared with the rest of the team. All other team members download the GT interactive app. and use it for answering the puzzles that they will be facing both on the 3D VTP and GT.

00:15-00:25 When? How?

Successful teams will solve the puzzles correctly and move to the next area/room in The Hacienda. Clear communication of all visual clues between the team, the story, and deductive skills from the 3D Virtual Touring Platform establish what really happened.

 00:25-00:45 Is there a victim?

The role of controlling the 3D VTP is continually swapped throughout the game. Moving forward in the case, the team tracks clues that answer open questions to the story that will lead to a conclusion of the problem “Is there a victim?”.

 00:45-01:15 Motive, Killer and Victim Uncovered

Teams work to solve a problem linking the connections between the puzzles and the story of each character to reveal the motive. Most importantly, to understand who really is the victim and the killer.

 01:15-01.30 Debrief

On request, the event facilitator leads the group through a debrief reflecting on effective communication, effective teamwork, information processing, transformative thinking, and decision-making drawing on lessons learned from the activity in relation to work

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