CSI Home Office – Murder in the Vineyard

Delve into the world of wine and solve the mystery of a winemaker.

Event Overview

Solve the mysterious murder in the vineyard

Renowned vintner Robert Esser was found dead among his vines. Everything points to him having been shot during his daily routine through the vineyard. Police have been investigating and collecting evidence, but have been unable to solve the case. They are asking your team of special investigators for help to find out who killed Robert so they can put the case to rest for good.

Only by using teamwork will you be able to shed light on the case: Was it the competitor from the French side of the border? The former wine queen? Or was it his scheming brother? Has your team got what it takes to find the murderer in a group of suspects?

Your team of virtual crime scene investigators take on the case and find an answer to many open questions as soon as possible. Are you ready to dive into the plot of bribery, murder, and power with your team?


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Event Details

Group Size
20 - 1000
Time Needed
2 hours


00:00 – 00:10   Introduction and briefing

Players join the game via a virtual meeting platform.  The facilitator runs through a presentation outlining the challenge ahead. Participants receive a link to the game site and the online investigation form. Players split into break-out teams.

00:10 – 00:20   Develop a strategy

Teams discuss the game and develop a strategy.  Individual roles are allocated.. To ensure no information is missed, one person represents the moderator, one the secretary, and one the archivist. 

00:20 – 00:40   Assimilate The Evidence 

Teams commence their investigation working carefully through the multifaceted evidence. Each participant researches some evidence, presents their findings to the rest of the team which they then discuss together.

00:40 – 00:50   Hints and Help

Teams enter another sprint of investigation.  Friendly facilitators drop in on each breakout group to see how teams are getting on and offer guidance and helpful hints.  

00:50 – 01:15   Deductive Reasoning 

Teams enter their final investigative sprint.  As the facts unfold, teams begin to link the evidence and make assumptions and conclusions. 

01:15 – 01:35   Complete Investigation Forms

After 75 minutes, teams receive a final notice to complete their investigations forms including possible motives for all suspects and identify, who dun it! 

01:35 – 02:00   Optional Debrief and award ceremony

The facilitator explains how the murder took place and who did it.  While participants are guided through a debrief, investigation forms are evaluated and the winning team announced. 

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