Happy Hour with Mentalist Jon Stetson

Prepare to be amazed! Interactive entertainment that makes your virtual event extraordinary.

Event Overview

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Bring your next online event to life! You can create a fresh program that your clients, customers, and vendors will talk about as Jon Stetson creates slack-jawed amazement that they think about forever. A virtual “Stetson Experience” is intelligent, interactive sophisticated fun.

Jon Stetson, America’s Master Mentalist has entertained corporations, crowned heads of Europe, and celebrity audiences throughout the world. Jon was the inspiration for The CBS television series “The Mentalist.” He now brings his trademark style and wit to customized virtual events.

“Jon Stetson is a remarkable man. I wish I had his skill set.” – Warren Buffett

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Event Details

Group Size
10 - 50
Time Needed
1 - 1.5 Hours

Bring your next online event to life!

You can create a fresh program that your team, your clients, and vendors will talk about long after the event is over. Jon Stetson blends the art of mystery with the study of psychology, the predictability of human nature, and the power of intuition, with a disarming sense of humor. The result is slack-jawed amazement, where the most skeptical of audiences begin to feel a renewed sense of wonder as impossibilities become realities.

Jon Stetson is America’s Master Mentalist. The inspiration for the CBS television series, “The Mentalist,  Jon has appeared at hundreds of corporate, private, and celebrity events with a performance for the King of Sweden, The Prince of Wales, The Royal family of Monaco, and the White House on five occasions. “Virtual Mind Amazements” is an intelligent, interactive, sophisticated, and fun virtual show with Stetson reaching through the screen and effortlessly plucking your thoughts over the web and under the most impossible conditions. Mind Reading has never been so engaging!

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