In It To Win It – Fun Team Building Games

Inspired by a hit TV show, our version takes fun, friendly competition to a whole new level. Teams battle it out over a wide range of hilarious 60-second challenges. Easily one of our most popular events, year after year.

Event Overview

Why this event?

Just like the original you’ve seen on TV, your group gets to enjoy all the excitement, drama and nail-biting anticipation you’d expect from a high-energy competition. Our fast, fun and action-packed series of 60-second games is a great way to inspire laughter, camaraderie and joy.

Each of our professional facilitators has a natural gift for being quick, funny and engaging. These qualities are especially helpful while they’re providing hilarious play-by-play commentary and music to keep your event moving along.

After warming up with a few disarming icebreakers, your group is divided into smaller teams. Our facilitator then demonstrates each of the challenges. Teams will work to master activities like Full of Hot Air, Cone Head and Bucket of Fun. Participants then get time to practice the challenges. Just as important, they’ll also be brainstorming ways to increase their odds for success.

Ultimately, only one team will emerge as champions. But everyone should come away with a little less stress and a lot more smiles.

*Ask about our Holiday-themed In It to Win It event. 

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Event Details

Group Size
10 - 800
Time Needed
1.5 - 2hrs
Space requirement

You’ll want room to spread out. This team building event works best either outdoors, or in a large, open function space or conference center. Each team will need a 6’ table with plenty of space for people to move around it.

Ideal for
  • Friendly competition
  • Fun and motivation
  • Morale building
  • Breaking up a day of meetings

TeamBonding can select 60-second challenges based on your specific needs or desired outcomes. Would you like specific elements of company branding, culture theme and/or mission statement woven into your program? Just let us know what you have in mind

Chosen By:

We had a FANTASTIC time yesterday. We could not have asked for a better host than Michael. He was PERFECT for our team. Very energetic, funny, and personable. Kept folks laughing and kept the event moving. He incorporated our raffles and awards at the end into the program, which was wonderful! The team he brought with him, Kim and Matt, were also very good. They all seemed to work well together. I can’t say enough about Michael’s “performance”. He truly is outstanding in this role! I had many people come up to me after the event and say how much they enjoyed it. Our Senior VP, who hadn’t planned on staying longer than the first activity, due to his schedule, ended up staying. Overall, the event was a huge success!


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