The Office – Mystery Dinner Party

The Office – Mystery Dinner Party

Pick Your Scenario to plan the ultimate murder mystery party. Select your own characters that our editors will use in your scenario. We print & ship your event supplies within 2-3 days after receiving your order.

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  • There must be a minimum of 8 participants and maximum of 65.
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  • Enter a numerical amount below for the number of male and female characters that will be playing the game. The total number of male & female characters should equal the number of participants you entered above.
  • Minimum of 2, maximum of 28.
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  • Minimum of 2, maximum of 37.
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Want a new way to spice up your next office party?  We provide you everything you need to host a killer murder mystery party for groups ranging in size from 12-75 guests. Whether it’s a classy, upscale affair, or a silly celebration, we know exactly what it takes to create a tweet-worthy murder mystery party. Dive into an immersive experience with your colleagues, co-workers, friends, bosses, and maybe even your significant other!


We print and ship you everything you need to host your murder mystery party. Player rules, host guidelines, costume suggestions for each guest, character information for each guest, name tags, and awards.


Each of our murder mystery games is customized to match the exact amount of people attending your party or event. We provide everything you need to host your murder mystery event. This includes the Costume Suggestions, Character Sheets, Solution Envelopes, Nametags, rules, and guidelines.


Set up your crime scene, explain the rules, and disburse the character descriptions. The character descriptions provide information about themselves along with information about other characters at the party. Guests will use this information to interact with the other characters. Contestants will talk among one another to decipher the murderer’s identity, weapon, opportunity, and motive.


You are attending a celebration of the new business partnership that unites Dunder Mifflin & Wernham-Hogg Paper Company. On the insistence of the regional manager, Michael Scott, the party is being held at the Scranton office where employees from all over the world will be attending.


A shot rang out from the break room. Moments later the body of Michael Scott was found dead. One of you is the killer and the rest of you need to find out who it was. When you have found someone with a motive, weapon, and opportunity to commit the crime then you have found the true murderer! Good luck!

So Much Fun It's Almost Against The Law. Almost.