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Who are you guys anyway?  Experience. Quality. Reputation.

Mystery Café pretty much created this entertainment genre, right here in Boston, over 25 years ago. From day one, we knew we wanted to build our business to last. That meant taking the high road as opposed to the easy road, time after time.

A casual web search will turn up plenty of results that aren’t Mystery Café. Some will offer prices lower than ours. But you know what they say – you get what you pay for.

To avoid disappointment, ask these questions before you book any event:

How long has your company been around? We’ve seen dozens of copycats spring up over the years. Most last a year or two at most. Sit through one of their performances and you’ll quickly see why.

Where do you get your actors? Mystery Café actors really are professional entertainers. They work together with us year-round, and most have logged hundreds of performances. They rehearse extensively together, and have developed the sort of ensemble chemistry that makes your event way more fun. Quality talent is one of the most important keys to avoiding a lame, lackluster evening.

Are you local to Boston? Most companies that show up in a Boston-area search are not actually in our city. If they do happen to get a booking here, they go into fire-drill mode – contacting someone local to hurriedly throw together a group of actors who may not have ever done something like this before. They’ll rehearse once or twice (if you’re lucky), and then show up at your event with fingers crossed. Fake it till you make it? Certainly not our style.

How many times has this group of actors performed this show? The Mystery Café core team has performed literally thousands of corporate events throughout New England. We’ve entertained everyone from small neighborhood get-togethers to virtually all of the Bay State’s large corporations. We’ve also worked with virtually every hotel and private dining facility in the area, so we have countless friends and contacts in the industry. These relationships make all the difference, insuring that meals, timing and general flow all go smoothly.

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For more information on Mystery Cafe or to book your next private event, contact our company director Shannon Dupont using the below information:

Shannon DuPont

Company Director