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Mystery Cafe' Traveling Troupe

Mystery Cafe

We have been doing mysteries for over 25 years for groups as small as 12 and as large as 500.  Here are some of the current shows that we offer but if there is a theme that you would like performed for your group – our mystery writers are up to the task.   Need help selecting the right show for your group?  Call us today at 617-426-1999 for 3 – 4 suggestions of shows that will fit your needs and budget.

We perform on trains, boats and in any private dining or function room of your favorite restaurant.


  • Shipwrecked!


    In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, daring bands of pirate ships sailed in search of other mens’ gold off the coast of New England. So swash your buckles and join legendary Captains as they look to you to decide who is a treacherous dog that should pay the ultimate price!

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  • Mobfellas


    Mingle with wiseguys, killers and femmes fatales at a secret celebration in which a mob underling will become a “made” man. Where murder comes with a smile, the night is bound to be marred by betrayal, double-dealing and even death.

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  • Murder Most Medieval


    You are invited to attend a Medieval banquet in honor of Sir Lancelittle’s return to court! Party like it’s 1399 with a zany cast of characters who will transport you to another world, complete with food, fun, music, mayhem, and…murder!

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  • Marriage Can Be Murder


    The world famous Mystery Café cordially invites you to attend the wedding that will end all weddings! Celebrate with Jessica Pitch and Neil Downs, complete with food, fun, music, mayhem, and… murder!

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  • At Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey Cast - Copy

    Get in the spirit by dressing up and joining us for a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget! Be the characters, live in another time period, enjoy the decadent lifestyle of British nobility, and dine on a five course feast while socializing with your fellow guests.

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  • BadaBingo


    The Innocente mob family seeks to clean up their image by putting on a legitimate night of Italian food, fun and Bingo, but it’s not long before tempers flare as gangsters and associates have very different ideas of how the night should run.

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  • American Homicidal


    American Homicidal is a hilarious, family friendly spoof of that “Idol” show on TV you may have heard about. You are part of a live taping of the show, and if you’re brave enough you can even try auditioning for the judges yourself!

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  • Hell of a Kitchen


    The recipe called for great chefs and great food for a great cause, but MURDER got into the mixing bowl. Dig into this plateful of delicious mystery. Savor the clues and watch as the killer gets his or her just desserts!

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  • Prescription For Murder


    Doctor Dorian “McDreamer” Dempsey has a knack for finding unique treatments for incurable ailments, but when his latest patient goes from would-be-miracle to cadaver it seems that someone wrote a prescription for murder!

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  • Major League Murder


    The dust has settled from all the allegations, the scandals have cleared and now one of the greatest pitchers to play the game, Roger Lemons, is ready to make a triumphant return to the Boston Green Monsters! Everybody who’s anybody will be at the celebration dinner – including you!

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  • Partners in Crime


    Join the Bumbling Bobbies for this high-energy, laugh-a-minute team-building comedy! Their warmth and good-natured foolery invite participants to let loose and have fun! Designed to be performed around a three-course meal, Partners In Crime includes three scenes.

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  • Reunions Can Be Murder


    No matter what your role was in high school, now you have the chance to be the hero. The nerd, the jock, the tortured artist, and the head cheerleader are all invited, but when the night is marred by murder the entire class must work together to figure out who acted out on old grudges or new jealousies.

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  • Viva Las Vegas


    What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, and now you can bring Sin City to you with our newest mystery Viva Las Vegas!

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  • A Deadly Christmas Carol

    holiday things to do in boston

    Get in the spirit of the season with Bob Cratchit, a no-longer Tiny Tim, and a host of other off-beat additions in an unauthorized sequel that had less of the literary and far more of the hilarity!

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  • Hooray for Hollywood


    Hooray for Hollywood invites you to a casting-call for the next great movie! The director is there with his bevy of talent to make the film. His leading lady is with him. She throws kisses to the fans and kiss-offs to everyone else… and, when the cast is announced, she makes a toast and dies!

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  • In the Company of Killers

    In the Company of Killers Logo

    Our most popular mystery combines a strolling musician, comedy, suspense and audience participation into one exciting event that is customized for your company! We’ll find out all the specifics about your group and turn this into a one of a kind experience for your party!

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  • Candidate For Murder


    You’re invited to attend a political debate being held at a luxurious mansion. As the current President discusses his plans for the future, shots are fired and the evening spirals into a murder mystery more devious than the candidates!

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  • Death by Chocolate


    Count Chocula welcomes you to ChocoCon 2012! Lady Godiva and Billy Wonka have come together to announce their newest creations, but not everybody is happy about it. Could chocolate bitterness lead to murder?

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  • The Office Can Be Murder


    Plunder-Rifflin is about to launch a new line of top-secret, paper-cut free paper that will lead to the end of this workplace suffering. But just as the new product is about to be released, rumors about a leak to competitors threaten to ruin the company.

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  • Death by Disco


    Transport your guests back to the 70’s, the age of bad taste, huge hair, big collars, flares and platforms to the reunion concert of the Softly Silver Dancers. Will a murder spoil the festivities?

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