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Experience. Quality. Reputation.

Mystery Café started it all over 25 years ago and there’s been no stopping us since.

Since we opened in Boston back in 1988, there have been dozens of short-lived and copycat companies purporting to do what we do. They do not do what we do, which is why none of them have lasted more than a couple of years. While you are shopping around, don’t be afraid to ask how long a theater has been in business, how many shows they’ve done, where they get their actors, and how much experience they have doing corporate events. All these questions matter for the overall experience of your event.

Many other mystery dinner groups that show up in your Google search are NOT local. They are based in some other state, and if they get a booking in the Boston area, they then contact someone locally to hurriedly put together a group of actors who may or may not have ever done this before. They rehearse once or twice (maybe), and then show up at your event and do the best they can. That’s not what we do. Our actors rehearse extensively together and have developed a rapport as entertainers going back dozens of years. They work together at Mystery Café year-round, and most have logged hundreds of performances with us.

You probably can find a murder mystery show that is cheaper than what we offer. You get what you pay for. Our core group here at Mystery Café has performed literally thousands of corporate events in New England from small get-togethers for neighborhood groups to virtually all of the Bay State’s large corporations.

We have also worked with virtually every hotel and private dining facility in the area, and have many friends and contacts in the industry. These relationships help greatly in coordinating between your needs and the practical arrangements at the venue, such as meals, timing, and the flow of the evening. We incorporate your agenda into our agenda, whether it be an awards presentation, or fun facts about your group that we work into the show.

Whether you’re considering Mystery Café or some other company for your corporate event, here are some questions we think it’s a good idea to ask:

  • Are you a local company?
  • How many times has THIS group of actors performed THIS show.
  • Do you use professional actors? Can you give me a brief background on some of the performers?
  • How many private group events have you done in Boston area for groups like mine?
  • Can I have some references relating to this specific show?
  • Can I see your client list?
  • I have never planned an event like this before. How much support can I expect from your company with regard to putting the entire event together?

Your event is important to you. Every company you contact will be delighted to take your money, but Mystery Café has a proven track record, experienced performers, and the experience working with corporate groups like yours to ensure a successful event.

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 Contact Shannon DuPont  our Company Director for more details and information, 617-426-1999 or shannon@mysterycafe.com